12 Days of Bethany – Day 7

Hey everyone!

So in today’s post I’m discussing what I thought about Doctor Who Season 11! What has this got to do about Christmas? Well seeing as there’s always a Doctor Who Christmas Special (but not this year *cries*) I thought we could make it fit. I mean, I’m like a MASSIVE Doctor Who fan and I’d love to work on the show in the future so we’re making it fit.


My Thoughts On A Female Doctor

So the biggest part of series 11 was definitely that the doctor was a female for the first time. Like most people, I was excited for the fact that there was going to be a female as the doctor but was worried that she wouldn’t be written right. Thankfully I was wrong.

I absolutely loved Jodie as the Doctor. She seemed to combine all the different elements of the previous doctors into one big packet. My favourite part about her was the fact she seemed to have a David Tennant quality to her in the way that she didn’t seem to take things seriously. Her one-liners were amazing and I’m so happy that she’s coming back in the next serious.

My Favourite Episode

This was difficult to pick but I have to go with Rosa!! My favourite Doctor Who episodes are always the ones that go back in time and so Rosa was definitely right up my alley. I loved how it showed a huge part of modern history that many people wouldn’t know about it. Like myself, I feel like many people knew the general story of Rosa Parks but didn’t know the story itself.

I found the story line so interesting and I loved the way that they didn’t interfere with the actual story line. They were involved with the story but allowed Rosa to still keep centre-stage, something that I really appreciated.

My Favourite “Villain”

With every Doctor Who episode, there’s also a villain. There weren’t the traditional villains such as the cybermen and daleks but there were a host of new villains and my favourite monster was… the Pting!!!

I know a lot of people probably wouldn’t agree with that but the pting was just so good. It kind of challenged the idea of the villain being this scary creature instead, the pting was cute and was evil in a sense which wasn’t its fault. I’d love to see more of it in the future Doctor Who episodes.

What I Didn’t Like

I really loved the series but there’s one thing I didn’t really like which was the fact that there wasn’t really an overarching story. With the last few doctors, they’ve had an overall story line like the impossible girl one but this didn’t have one.

I know that the creators did this so that the audience can dip in and out of episodes but I felt that it needed something. I mean, it had the story of Grace but that was kind of it. I would have loved to see a story line throughout but other than that, it was probably my most favourite series.

So that’s the end of today’s post! Did you enjoy this series? Tells your personal thoughts.

Bethany x


Blogmas Day 12

Hey everyone!

So today was an exciting day, wasn’t it? The whole vote of no confidence has been so exciting and I’ve been checking the updates as often as possible. I’m writing this before the results have come out and I’m honestly not sure what way it will go.

It was all quite relaxing in my lessons today. History was spent going through sheets, Media was spent watching Luther and Drama doing some costume designs.

I didn’t really do much today but I did manage to write the blog post for tomorrow (hint: it might involve a certain TV show I’m a huge fan of)

I hope you all had an interesting day!

Bethany x

Blogmas Day 11

Hey everyone!

It was pyjama day at my Sixth Form today but personally, I didn’t fancy taking part in it. I just don’t like the idea of coming into school in them so I just wore comfy clothes instead. They also played Christmas films throughout the day which we could watch during our frees which was cool.

I had media twice today and I think as we’re so near the end of term, they’ve decided to stop teaching us new content so in one lesson I watched life on mars and in the other, an episode of Luther.

In my Drama lesson today I got back my mock exam and I got an A! I definitely did better on the live production questions but I had revised the most for that so it was expected but I’m really proud of my grade.

My teacher was absent in my History lesson but I started making notes on changes in education which is actually quite interesting.

So that was my day, I hope you all had a good day.

Bethany x

12 Days of Bethany – Day 6

Hey everyone!

So we’re already at the halfway through the 12 days of Bethany which is absolutely crazy! December seems to be disappearing rapidly, I can’t believe that we’re nearly at the end. Today I decided to share my Christmas Song classics. These are the Christmas songs or songs that make me feel christmassy that always make it on my Christmas playlist and I thought i would share them with you to help you all get in the Christmas.

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday – Wizzard


Merry Christmas Everyone – Shakin’ Steven


Wonderful Christmas Time – Paul McCartney


Do They Know it’s Christmas? – Band Aid


Driving Home For Christmas – Chris Rea


Christmas Lights – Coldplay


Ice Dance – Edwards Scissorhands OST


Step Into Christmas – Elton John


Miracle – GOT7


I hope you all enjoyed this post! Are there any songs that I missed that would definitely make your list?

Bethany x

Blogmas Day 10

Hey everyone!

Last night my two New Guinea pigs tried out living with my older one last night and they seemed to have got on really well which is fantastic news.

My first lesson today was Drama and I started to create some costume designs for the characters Simon and Grusha in the play we are studying (which is Caucasian Chalk Circle). This was quite difficult as there’s no mention of when the play is set which means I have no idea what style of clothes would be suitable.

Afterwards I had History where I got back my grade for my America question I did in my mock which I got a B on! This was the first time I had done a question completely from scratch so I was very happy with that Grade.

Media Studies I also got back my grade and it was another B! I knew I had messed up on timing so at least I know better for next time I attempt another exam paper. After quickly going through these, we spent the rest of the lesson watching an episode of Life on Mars, a TV show I’m studying.

The rest of my school day was spent in frees which I completed my homework I had received in my History and made some more notes for the Wall Street Crash.

This evening I’ve been following the Brexit stuff really closely. I watched the talks for four hours, looking at the response on a Twitter. I absolutely LOVE politics and so all these revaluations today were very exciting for me.

I hope you all had a wonderful day! P.S. it’s only 15 days until Christmas!!!

Bethany x

Blogmas Day 9

Hey everyone!

So today was (funnily enough) a day of putting up Christmas decorations!

I started off the day by finishing reorganising my bookshelves which was a lot of effort but it looks so good now! I also watched The Polar Express which you would have seen in my 12 Days of Bethany blog post (which you can see here) as being one of my favourite Christmas films.

Today I also had to quickly finish some History homework which is due in tomorrow. I did manage to put up a few Christmas decorations up though. I have two sets of. Christmas lights up, my Christmas tree and some tinsel. Hopefully I can put up some more tomorrow. Oh and I also watched the season finale of Doctor Who which was amazing.

I hope you all had a great day!

Bethany x

12 Days of Bethany – Day 5

Hey everyone!

So I mentioned in one of my Blogmas posts that I would do a study with me post and here it is! I hop you enjoy it.

To Do List

So this was actually the day before my History mock exam Sam so I decided to create a To Do List so I would get round to everything I needed/wanted to do for my exam tomorrow.


I had heard of blurting before this but had never personally tried it and it actually worked quite well. The premise of it is to just grab a piece of paper and just write everything you know about a certain topic. This was amazing at seeing what things I knew well and what areas I needed to focus on.


I find flashcards the best way to revise the key information for History so I decided to go through my flashcards. I went through them at least three times in that day and it really helps to get the information in.

How to answer each Question

If you’ve ever studied History, you will now that for every single paper there’s a different style of question so not only do you have to learn the content, but you have to learn how to answer the questions too! I made a summary on how to answer the two questions I had on my exam and it really helped me.

Summary Sheets

For all the topics I needed to know for my exam, I created a summary sheet. I used my revision notes and textbooks to create a summary of each section which allowed me to condense a large topic into a single sheet of paper. This worked really well the morning before the exam as I was able to read all the information quickly before the exam.


I hadn’t really used Quizlet before GCSE but I could tell that if I continued to make physical flashcards, I would end up having too many. I decided to try out Quizlet and it has honestly changed my life. The learn section is absolutely amazing and I’m now using it for History and Drama and I’m sure I’ll end up using it for Media Studies too.

So that’s how I revised for my History mock! I hope you all found it interesting.

Bethany x