My work experience

Hey everyone!

So, you’re probably aware that I had my work experience week, last week. I had a really great time and thought it would be cool to share it with you. Making a blog post about it also makes a little record for myself so in the future I can look back on it.

To give a little background, in the UK, it’s compulsory that every student complete a week of work experience if they’re in post-16 education. My school decided to do it in Year 12 so it doesn’t interfere with our exam period which I’m definitely behind. I managed to get my work experience down at my local council offices alongside two of my close friends. We weren’t all in the same area but we still had each other at our lunch break.

I decided to work in two areas for my work experience: HR and Communications. Being honest, I don’t have an interest in HR but I thought that would be an area I could definitely get work experience for. The Communications area, I didn’t know existed but I asked to go in an area for media and so this was the answer.

Monday – HR

My first day of work experience, I was in HR. Of course I wasn’t that interested but I arrived at the same time as one of my friends which helped a lot. I didn’t know what to expect but the offices were an open plan and the technology was very out of date.

I didn’t realise how much filing I would have to do in HR. That was basically the whole of my Monday of work experience. I also did some scanning and printing but that was basically it.

I wan’t expecting it to be absolutely amazing but I definitely hoped for more. I was happy though that I had communications to look forward to the next day.

Tuesday – Communications

I didn’t know what to expect when I had my first day in Communications on Tuesday. I was in a different area to HR and didn’t know what it actually did.

After a quick meeting with the top people in Communications where we discussed what I wanted to get out of my work experience with them, I discovered more about what Communications was about.

It was amazing!! The person I stayed with for the day was in charge of the press office so I got to see how they dealt with media enquiries. I went with her to help her answer a query phoned in from the BBC and help answer a question from a journalist. I loved finding out all those little details of stories.

The rest of the day I spent writing up a Press Release. It wasn’t for anything too complicated but I was essentially told to just write it without a lot of information or ever actually seeing a press release. I was worried I was adding too little and then too much. It was still quite fun to do , even if it was for quite a boring subject.

Wednesday – Communications

As you could probably tell, I enjoyed Tuesday a lot more than Monday so I was actually really excited to go in Wednesday. I started off the day by going through my press release with a fresh set of eyes. I changed a couple of things and then emailed it to the person who I was with yesterday so she could change it into an actual press release.

Next, I went with another person from Communications to take photos for their social media campaign. This was definitely the thing I enjoyed the most as it meant me going outside with a really nice quality camera to take photos of flowers which is one of my favourite things. The people in Communications were really impressed with my photos which were made in a collage and are going to be used in their actual social media campaign!!! *squeals*.

My press release was the next thing I looked at, going over it with the person I sent it to. She had changed it a little to fit the guidelines but it was still basically my press release. It was actually used by the Council this week which was so cool.

The day ended with me going to a staff briefing which was quite boring. i think it was because the information wasn’t aimed at me. I was then talked to by the Chief Executive (I know right!) and he was really nice but definitely trying to get me to work there in the future.

Thursday – Communications

It was my  last day in Communications which I was actually really sad about. Thursday was definitely a ‘bitty’ day. By that I mean everyone had work to do and nothing to give to me. I did sit in a few meetings (which I’d done earlier in the week but forgot to mention, oops). They were okay but in a meeting, it just kind of meant sitting there and listening.

I had nothing to do that afternoon so I spent time looking at their different areas on their websites and creating notes on how to improve their social media (which they never saw so it was actually quite pointless).

Friday – HR

Friday was my last day of work experience! I definitely had mixed feelings about it ending as I really did enjoy working in Communications but I wasn’t looking forward to going back to HR. Luckily though, I couldn’t work with HR that morning as they were doing job evaluations so I was able to go back to Communications!! I made some job packs, helped write a summary of the Council appearing in the news and read some newsletters.

I didn’t mention it above but every lunch break, I hang out with my two other friends who were also on work experience with me there. As it was our last day there, after eating our lunch we decided to walk to a tea room to have a treat. I had the amazing drink of still mineral water as being lactose intolerant really does restrict you. It was nice though and we had a laugh (especially when one of them took out a calculator to work out how to split the bill).

That afternoon I was back in HR and spent the rest of my time watching the lady I was with, do HR stuff. It wasn’t that interesting but at the same time, it kind of was.

Overall Thoughts

Work experience was something I was not looking forward to. I had to do work experience two years a go and ended up making myself ill due to my anxiety. This time though I managed to get through the whole week, having anxiety but it not being too bad.

What it has done though is make me unsure of what I want to do after Sixth Form. I was really set on going to university (but only a near one so I can continue to live at home) but this work experience has changes my thoughts a lot. I enjoyed Communications a lot and I could definitely see myself doing it in the future as a career. I can get an Apprenticeship with that Council so I could instead of going to University, earn money and work in Communications. I’ll just have to see how I’m feeling towards the end of the year when I have to start applying to things.

If you have actually managed to read the whole of this, thank you so much and I hope you enjoyed it. Have you been on work experience recently? Has work experience made you question your future decisions? Are you at university or doing an apprenticeship? Tell me your thoughts in thee comments!

Bethany x

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Halfway through Year 12 Update

Hey everyone!

I’ve been a bit absent recently but I’m hoping to change that by structuring my time better and actually following my timetables I’ve set up to help keep me organised. It’s so strange to think that I’ve done 3/6 half terms of Year 12 and be basically a quarter of the way through Sixth Form!

Work Experience

This is the biggest thing that happened this half term and the thing I was dreading the most. So, I completed my work experience last week and I loved it?! I want to create a separate post, going into detail about how it worked but I actually feel sad that I’m not going back. The problem is that I’m now debating whether university is the right way to go or whether to get an apprenticeship with them instead. Working out that answer is definitely going to be my main job next term.


So, I signed up to do an EPQ!! I know it’s a lot of work but after talking to other people who have also or are doing it, apparently it isn’t too stressful. I keep wondering whether to do it or not but at the moment I’ve decided to keep doing it and do the work I need to do and then if I want to drop out, I can. [Hey, this is future me. Since writing this post I have decided to drop doing an EPQ]

Getting ill

I guess another thing that happened this half term was that I got ill. I managed to catch it off my friend but I ended up missing a week of school. I got that illness nearly a month a go and my throat still isn’t 100%. Luckily, I didn’t miss too much at school which is great but it still sucks to be ill.

Looking forward to next half term

Next half term is going to be quite manic for me as it is the term of trying to decide what I want to do next year. I’m going to this giant convention of universities and apprenticeships next week and then another day in March I’m going to a conference about Oxbridge.  I think it will be really interesting and probably quite confusing to decide between university and apprenticeships.

I know a lot of things didn’t happen this half term but sometimes there just isn’t anything to write about. If you’re in education, how is your academic year going so far?

Bethany x

Should The Voting Age Be Lowered?

Hey everyone!

So not too long ago on my Twitter, I asked whether you would be interested in me making some posts about politics and the answer was a resounding yes. Today, I decided to start off with a post about the voting age!!

In the UK, the voting age is 18 so I’m so close to being able to vote (only less than 8 months to go). Now, I think most people quite like it being that age as it’s the age you’re officially an adult so apparently when you reach this age, you’re sensible enough to be able to decide the future of your country… but, is this really the case?

Well, in the Scottish Independence Election in 2014 (how was that five years ago?) extended the vote to 16 and 17 year-olds around Scotland. This allowed those who were just under the age of being eligible to vote to actually votes. So, why was this an one time thing?

In the Brexit vote, the vote threshold was still 18 and over and yet those younger are the ones to live with the consequences. The fact that apparently young people overwhelmingly voted to Remain shows that if there was a second referendum, the result would probably be to Remain.

So, why should the age be lowered?

Well in this country, at the age of 16, you can legally have sex and at 17, you’re apparently sensible enough to learn how to drive a vehicle! So, if you’re old and sensible enough to drive a vehicle, why aren’t you sensible enough to vote?

It’s not that before 18, you don’t think about politics because you do! I am OBSESSED with politics, even more than some of the adults I’m aware of. I mean, I can only speak from personal experience but everyone does have a political view.

When it was the Brexit referendum, I remember having whole class discussions about our thoughts. As this was in 2016, it was people who were 15 and 16. We all had a political view and would go off topic in lesson about our political views. Each of us knew what we would vote for at an age we weren’t ‘supposed to’.

Of course, I can only speak from experience but I think young people do have a political opinion. I do think that sometime the voting age will be lowered but not until a different party is in power.

So what about you? Do you think the voting age should be lowered?

Bethany x 

A Sixth Form Update

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a post out but I’m hoping to change that. I’ve written out a list of posts I’d like to write and I’ve allocated a day a week of blog writing (provided I’ve actually finished all my homework). So, after finishing another term at Sixth Form before Christmas, I thought I’d give you an update on how I’m finding Sixth Form. If you’d like to read about my first term at Sixth Form, you can here

I Dropped English Literature!

Who saw that happening? English Literature was the one subject I knew I was going to take at A Level but at the start of this last term, I decided to drop it. I was getting stressed and kept falling ill and so I knew I had to drop a subject. English Literature was the subject I decided to drop as it was the one I disliked the most. It was a hard thing to do as I love books so much but dropping English Literature doesn’t mean I hate books, it just means I don’t like analysing them and reading the books chosen for you. It was a hard thing to do but I’m happy I did it.

Dropping Out of Opportunities

Do remember that Enterprise Club, well my friends and I decided to stop doing it. It wasn’t enjoyable at all and was just another bit of stress we did not need. I also applied to help the younger years as a mentor but the times to do it clashed with my lessons so I didn’t technically drop out of that one, I just couldn’t do it.

Mock Exams

I had mock exams and I actually did really well in them. So, I got:

  • Media Studies – B
  • History – B
  • Drama – A

I honestly have no idea how I managed to get an A in Drama but I’m very pleased with it. My teacher apparently changed the given grade boundaries so I would have actually got an A*. For my first set of mocks, I’m very happy with those results but I know with revision and practice, I can definitely get higher.

Deciding About University

Aargh!! University really confused me last term. You see, I had my mind set on going to University to study English Literature and Creative Writing but that’s not happening now. I’m definitely thinking about going down a media route at university. At the moment it’s between Television Production and Journalism but Journalism definitely has the lead at the moment.

What’s next?

Well the most important thing happening this term is that I have work experience *groans*. I’m doing mine at my local council which should be really interesting but then again, it’s not really in the area I’m interested in. I did try to get to work with my Dad but that unfortuantely wasn’t possible. This term will as well be deciding more about university and I’ve actually signed up for this Oxbridge thing about universities although I wouldn’t want to go to either of them.

I hope you all found this insight interesting and have a wonderful day!

Bethany x

My 2019 Goals

Hey everyone!

It’s the start of 2019 which means that I need to create my goals for the year. My goals are essentially my new year resolutions and by having them written on my blog, I can look back at the end of the year and see how many I managed to achieve.

1. Turn 18


Okay I know this isn’t really a goal but I’m turning 18 this year which is a pretty big thing. Becoming an adult is weird and in my year at school in the first person to experience it and then I have to try and avoid going out drinking with people. Yay.

In all seriousness, turning 18 is very scary and that means I have to start adulting which is weird and…. aaarrrggghhh!!!

2. Decide on my Uni Course

This year I start the all important process of university! I know I want to stay local, especially as I have good universities nearby but it’s the course. The courses I can’t decide with are TV production and journalism. At the moment I’m leaning more towards journalism as I follow the news ALL the time and love it so it makes sense.

I can visit the universities this year though and decide where and what to do so that’s exciting.

3. Get More Organised

Last year I tried to be organised but failed miserably. I mean, I’m not the worst organiser ever but I need to get organised when it comes to school work and blogging stuff. I did receive two planners/diaries for Christmas so they should hopefully help ,e on my mission

So those are my goals for this year! My main goal is to be organised but of course I want this year to be fun and for me to be happy. 2018 was a year of things changing and hopefully 2019 is the year of me organising and sorting out my life.

Bethany x

My 2018 Goals – Revisited

Hi everyone!

So it’s the end of the very eventful year of 2018 and it’s time to look back on my 2018 goals! I wrote these goals as my new year resolutions and to be honest, I’ve forgotten what theses goals are so it will be interesting to actually see what they are. If you want to read that post from the start of the year, you can here.

1. Pass My GCSEs

So I did!!! I managed to pass all my GCSEs which means I’ve at least managed to complete one of my goals which is a good start. If you’re interested in finding out what grades I got in each of my subjects, you can here.

2. My Secret Projects

Okay well, I didn’t really do that. One of the projects that I wanted to do this year was to start a Twitter chat which I managed to do for a few months. I just didn’t have many people taking part and would often just be asking questions to myself so I decided to stop it but at least I attempted it.

The other project was to start a YouTube channel which I still haven’t done. I’m just not confident in front of a camera which is something I’m hoping to work on this coming year but I mean you never know when I could spring one on you all.

3. Say “Yes” More

I have done this more this year. It might not mean that I completely committed to them but I gave more stuff a go this year which is definitely a good thing. This is again something I want to work on more next year so I can make sure to get the most out of life in Sixth Form and just life in general.

4. Take More Photos

I think I’ve achieved that this year. Getting a new phone means it’s more convenient to just whip it out and take a photo so I can look back on it in years to come. I have a lot of photos from my holidays and just joking photos of myself and family and I can tell it’s going to be nice to look at in the future.

5. Have Fun And Be Happy

Mmmmmm. Well I suppose yes and half yes. I’ve had fun this year but it hasn’t been the happiest of years. I started the year off breaking up with my boyfriend and two of my pets died this year but at the same time there have been moments when I’ve been happy. Prom was really fun and made me happy, I got two new pets and there have been times I’ve been happy. So yeah, this year has been as happy as it could have been.

So overall 2018 has definitely been an interesting year and I just want to thank all of you reading this for continuing to support my little blog. Here’s to 2019!

Bethany x

What happened to my Christmas posts?

Hi everyone!

So you might have noticed that I was planning to do a Blogmas and a 12 Days series on my blog this December which kind of failed unfortunately.

The thing is, I’m a full time student so a lot of my free time outside of school has been taken up doing revision. I decided to do Blogmas kind of last minute, towards the last week of November if we’re trying to be kind of exact. If you’ve been reading my posts from Blogmas which I actually managed to upload, you would have seen I had mock exams the first week of December which meant I couldn’t write a lot of blog posts in advance. I was basically trying to write two blog posts a day whilst juggling school which looking back, wasn’t realistic.

Becoming ill was the main reason why the posts stopped but I just couldn’t get back into writing them. At least I know for next year that I need to write more in advance so I can actually do it properly.

So hopefully you all feel more informed! I still have another post planned for this year but you never know, I might squeeze in an extra one.

Bethany x